Flume, Gorge

Flume, Gorge

Tuesday Morning a group of us met up to explore a Natural Gorge at the base of Mount Liberty in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire. 

This hike filled our eyes with incredible views of fresh springs, and waterfalls with every turn we took. Although these natural pools were freezing cold, I couldn't help myself and I had to jump in and enjoy every second of it. But of course, it made for a great photo too!

The last time I felt this free, and at peace I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a tiny island called Flores, Azores. I never imagined such beauty in driving distance from my home town, although it's 2 hours North it didn't disappoint. 


We hiked the two mile trail, and stopped along the way to capture some of the shots featured in this blog. The sun peaked perfectly through the leaves and cracks in the mountains as tiny drops of water fell on us every step we took. Freezing cold water chilled our toes as we daringly peaked over the edges of the cliffs as the waterfall splashed behind us. 


After going through what may have been the most difficult separation of my early adulthood spending time with friends and exploring was exactly what I needed to get my mind off things. To be surrounded with creative mindsets like my own, it's easy to get lost in nature and adventure. Even tho most of us were meeting for the first time we so easily connected. That's what I've grown to love about modeling, and the community of photographers. It's so easy to meet such wonderful people, ones who support and encourage your dreams. 

I was lucky enough to meet Zander (pictured above) an incredibly talented model. At only 16 with 11.6K followers on IG, and only moving forward with his success in the industry he came all the way from Maine with his friend Stefan who also modeled for Hannah and Nick. 


Photographer: Nick Damas, Instagram