Simon and I met for the first time after connecting on Instagram about a year and a half ago. On Saturday we were able to create this set featured below. 

Saturday was a gloomy day, which perfectly set the tone for this moody photoshoot in World's End Reservation. Simon is a Graphic Designer by Trade, but his eye for creating spreads out widely through photography, conceptual ideas, landscapes, portraits, and his love for travel. With a healthy balance of photography and Graphic Design he was able to protray exactly what kind of feelings I've been battling for the last month. 

His ability to capture a photograph in the most raw form and create something so intense and filled with emotion is what really drew me to Simon's work. It's one thing to capture a beautiful photo, but what you do with it and the post-process aspect of it is something so amazing to be able to understand and realize what kind of work goes into each photograph. 


I've linked Simon's Portfolio and Instagram below, take a minute to check them both out (you WILL NOT be disappointed). 

Photographer: Simon Gee, IG
Location: World's End Reservation, Hingham MA